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The Need for APIs - or Why I Built a JSON API for the Plone CMS

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I started with Plone development already 8 years ago and I was really enthusiastic in the beginning of that time as it was real fun to develop for this great system. I have been a real Plone/Python/Backend-Developer guy these days.

But somehow over the years something changed and more and more I lost the interest on Plone …

Credit Card Misuse on iTunes Store Seems to Be Pretty Easy

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It is already almost two years ago since I wrote a blog post about the misusage of my Credit Card over iTunes. At that time, I was pretty sure that someone hacked into my account and bought apps/music/whatever with my data stored in there.

So I filed (pretty angry that time) this blog post under the title iTunes Store hacked? (german language only).

But this apparently wasn’t the case. I seemed to be much less sophisticated than I thought and is sadly still beeing pratised …

iTunes Store Hacked?

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oder warum bucht mir der iTunes Store seltsame Beträge von der Kreditkarte?

Ich bin Apple-Addict, kein Zweifel und bin bisher davon ausgegangen, dass Apple ihre Daten im Griff haben. Aber seit vorgestern bin ich da etwas anderer Meinung…

Continuous Integration With Jenkins

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Jenkins is a opens source continuous integration server.

This blog post will show you how

  • to set up Jenkins in an Ubuntu 11.04 Virtual Box
  • create a simple Git controlled Project with Jenkins
  • run the build job